University of Worcester Graduations: Thursday, November 8, 2018

HONORARY - Dr Laurie Leshin

Dr Laurie Leshin, a world authority on space exploration, is to receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Worcester today.

Dr Leshin was appointed by President Obama to the Advisory Board for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. She has held various positions with NASA and is the recipient of NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal and NASA’s Distinguished

Public Service Medal. In 2001, the International Astronomical Union named an asteroid in recognition of her contributions to planetary science: Asteroid 4922 Leshin.

Dr Leshin has been President of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts, USA, since 2014 and has over 20 years’ experience as a leader and has a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

The University of Worcester has an active partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, one of the leading engineering universities in the USA.

Prior to joining WPI, Dr Leshin served as the Dean of the School of Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. There she expanded and strengthened interdisciplinary scientific research and education, championed diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and significantly expanded fundraising and outreach initiatives. While at Rensselaer, Dr Leshin continued her work as a scientist for the Mars Curiosity Rover mission.

Prior to joining Rensselaer, Dr Leshin served as the deputy director of NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, where she was responsible for oversight of NASA's future human spaceflight programmes and activities. Dr Leshin also

worked as the director of science and exploration at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Before joining NASA, Dr Leshin was the Dee and John Whiteman Dean's Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University, where she led the development of the first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary School of Earth and Space Exploration and served as director of the Centre for Meteorite Studies. While at ASU, Dr

Leshin was appointed by President Bush to serve on the Commission for the Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy, which called for a transformation in the nation's approach to space exploration.

She has served on the Board of Directors of Women in Aerospace and the Council of the American Geophysical Union.

HONORARY - Mindu Hornick

A Holocaust survivor, who now spends her time educating young people, will receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Worcester today.

At the age of 12, in 1942, Mindu Hornick was sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp along with her mother, sister and two brothers. On arrival, a Polish man spoke to her in Yiddish and advised her and her sister to say that they were older than their years. This advice saved her life, as she was allocated work rather than being sent to the gas chambers.

Some years later, Mindu came to the UK and has lived in the West Midlands for over 50 years now.

Like many survivors, for years afterwards Mindu was not able to speak about what happened in the terrible years of the Nazi occupation of Europe and the Holocaust. She felt until the 1970s that no one wanted to hear about survivors’ experiences.

When the Second World War and the Holocaust became part of school curricula, Mindu felt it was important for survivors to come forward, and over the last 15 years she has devoted her time to educating hundreds of schools and universities, with many diverse groups, together with interview forums and TV coverage.

She works with the Anne Frank Foundation and the Holocaust Education Trust and is continuing her work in spreading the message. She brings reality to the history of World War 2 and challenges students to consider their own responses to atrocities in more recent times. Her unassuming, gentle and profoundly clear testimony brings home the horrors of the Holocaust to audiences across all age-ranges and backgrounds.

STUDENT - Angela Sturgess

A mother-of-two who started her career in schools as a lunchtime supervisor is on her way to becoming a fully qualified teacher.

Angela Sturgess, from Bromsgrove, found her way back to education after leaving school with disappointing grades and not knowing what she wanted to do.

Today she graduates from the University of Worcester with a First Class Honours degree in Integrated Working with Children and Families.

The 39-year-old had worked part-time as a barmaid after having her first child, then 10 years ago got work at Chadsgrove School, starting out as a lunchtime supervisor.

She then progressed to casual Teaching Assistant (TA), full time TA, specialist TA supporting pupils with visual impairment, and then was offered a job as an unqualified teacher, which is her current role.

Wanting to do her best to support the pupils to reach their potential, she enrolled on courses and attended as many training sessions as possible and this led on to a Foundation Degree in Learning support at the University of Worcester,

from which she graduated last year. She then decided to top-up to a full BA (Hons) degree.

“Completing the BA Hons degree to a high standard has been the hardest thing I have done so far,” she said.  “I worked full time as an unqualified teacher and studied the course online, which meant I had to be organised and dedicated. 

I attended the University one Saturday a month and had to balance home life, schoolwork and study.  My family have all been brilliant and understanding when I have missed out on family days out and have had little time to spend with them.  They too are glad it is all over for now but are super proud of me.”

She added: “The headteacher, leadership team and my colleagues have encouraged me and supported me throughout this process and I could not have completed my full BA Hons degree without their continued support.”

The former North Bromsgrove High School pupil is now applying for a place on the School Direct training programme.  “I would like to gain qualified teacher status so that I can continue to teach at Chadsgrove School and progress further in a vocation that I am so passionate about,” she said.

STUDENT - Victoria George

A student graduating from the University of Worcester today has offered words of advice to anyone struggling with their mental health.

Victoria George graduates with a First Class Honours degree in Human Biology.

“It is possible to achieve a First Class degree with struggles,” said the 24-year-old. “Don’t give up on your dreams and keep fighting to the end.”

Victoria, from Bromsgrove, had originally moved away to start university in the north of England but started suffering with her mental health.

“I didn’t get on well with my flat mates and it got worse so I had to drop out,” she said. “I needed to go back home, but I wanted to carry on with my studies. So I looked at the University of Worcester and it was the best decision I made.

“The lecturers were always understanding, they had an open door policy so you could just turn up if you were feeling upset or needed advice.”

During her second year of study, Victoria was awarded a prize for achieving the highest grade in one of her modules. She is now studying on the University of Worcester’s MSc Physician Associate programme and hopes to work as a Physician

Associate in a GP surgery when she completes.

“The Human Biology course taught me the skills I need to work in a laboratory or in research and helped me to grow as a person,” she said.

“I’d like to add that, your tutors are your friends and if I didn’t have my tutors I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. If you are worried about a mental illness and coming to university, choose a university with a lot of face to face

sessions, which is smaller and has tutors who have an open door policy. Just because many students can live away from home doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody.” 

 Foundation Degree Arts in Early Years - Sector Endorsed

Christie-Louise Barrows

Hannah Burch

Gemma Carter

Zoe Corfield

Kerry Dallow

Jessica Egginton

Alysha McEwan

Lisa Tipping

Samantha Wiggett

Chloe Wild

Foundation Degree Arts in Early Years - Sector Endorsed (Birmingham Metropolitan College)

Mariaum Ali

Naila Arif

Sarah Armstrong

Lauren Bick

Kina Branagan

Sheridan Bryson

Emma Clarke

Laura Constantine

Charlene Corbin

Clare Howes

Chanelle Jones

Sayra Khatun

Charlotte Marks

Marie N’Kongolo

Chloe Pickin

Zakkiyah Shafiq

Priya Sian

Aneesha Simmons

Bethany Stevens-Wood

Deborah Strong

Tamanna Tahir

Lucy Thomas

Foundation Degree Arts in Early Years - Sector Endorsed (Heart of Worcestershire College)

Jasmine Batiste

Silma Bibi

Florjana Bufi

Claire Duggan

Samantha Holmes

Sarah James

Yvonne McCloy

Megan Padian

Monika Rayet

Bethany Richards

Emma Smith

Emma Waldron

Foundation Degree Arts in Early Years - Sector Endorsed (Halesowen College)

Danielle Alcock

Lauren Beddall

Kirstie Brace

Sophie Buckley

Sarah-Jayne Cree

Chloe Dean

Rachelle Erskine

Angharad Lench

Rachel Miller

Jessica Nunn

Anna Walker

Zoe Wild

Daisy Williams

Foundation Degree Arts in Early Years - Sector Endorsed (Herefordshire and Ludlow College)

Ashleigh Kirby

Laura Meacock

Danielle Opie

Catherine Prince

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Early Childhood Professional Practice

Charlotte Austin

Abbigail Baggus

Hannah Bate

Eleanor Bolton

Kayleigh Davies

Rachel Evans

Stacie Feeney

Clare Gardner

Christina Glass

Sophie Gregory

Molly Guise

Nicola Helal

Rachel Hellin

Charleigh Hobbis

Danielle Hughes

Isabel Johns

Dominique Johnson

Danielle Kennedy

Leah Knight

Alicia Lord

Emily Malpass

Alice Martin

Jessica Middleton

Stacey Millard

Laura Mowbray

Catherine Paras

Abigail Perkins

Catherine Powell

Zoe Rimell

Shannon Simcock

Jessica Sleeman

Kristen Stead

Lucy Symes

Abigail Venencia

Kassie Walker

Emily-Jayne Webster

Bethan Williams

Aimee Younger

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Working with Children and Families

Kirsty Lewis

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Integrated Working with Children and Families

Mandy Ajmal

Gurmit Chana

Clare Cox

Sophie Down

Rachael Eckley

Fern Elston

Louise Galloway

Sophie Gibb

Kelly Goodyear

Lisa Griffiths

Claire Holyoake

Rachel Hoskins

Katie Jenks

Sallyanne Jones

Kerry Keatley

Charlotte Lenton

Esther Melville-Cox

Sian Moroney

Alice Morris

Rebecca Murphy

Karen Price

Christina Rowley

Cerian Rushworth

Jayne Sockett

Orsolya Torok

Alpa Williams

Stacey Williams

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Integrated Working with Children and Families (Halesowen College)

Faraza Anderson

Emily Bates

Zara Beaumont

Paige Birch-Young

Laura Codling

Danielle Connolly

Laura Crossley

Katie Dodd

Megan Gwynne

Amie Hadley

Jade Hill

Sheridan Perks

Liam Pinches

Keren Powell

Emma Prosser

Kelly Shaw

Stevie Siliyo MacAnda

Cassie-Anne Southall

Emma Stroud

Angela Sturgess

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Integrated Working with Children and Families (Herefordshire and Ludlow College)

Sarah Bethell

Bianca Crowhurst

Courtney Hall

Alice Holder

Catherine Hybart

Louise Lewis

Claire Marfell

Thea Preece

Joanne Radnor

Molly Woodhead

Kayleigh Woolnough

Foundation Degree Arts in Learning Support

Daniel Archer

Deborah Breakwell

Jessica Cook

Adam Fellows

Paula Maidens

Amy Roberts-Clarke

Rebecca Whitehouse

Foundation Degree Arts in Learning Support (Halesowen College)

Paula Boden

Amelia Fowkes

Jenny Gardner

Sarah Green

Karen Greenwood

Rachel Jukes

Natalie Kowolik

Abigail Longden

Jordan Pearson

Victoria Simpson

Emma Williams

Nicola Young

Foundation Degree Arts in Learning Support (Herefordshire and Ludlow College)

Elizabeth Baldwin

Suzanne Birchall

Lucy Brewer

Sally Edwards

Kim Evans

Teri Hobbs

Catherine Mitchell

Megan Plumbley

Alex Price

Rita Rhodes

Alexandra Vaughan

Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies

Lauren Stevens

Lindsey White

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Education Studies

Suchita Bakshi

Stacey Bayliss

Cameron Boyle

Katherine Brace

Laurence Browning

John Dunning

Lauren Hughes

Kayleigh Jones

Kezia Legge

Joann Moffatt

Lucia Nagington

Zanib Naveed

Lucy Rowberry

Kate Rowlands

Laura Taylor

Oscar Trowbridge

Maia Uniacke

Samantha Ward

Kerry Watson

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Education Studies (Major)

Aimee Groves

Melissa Limbrick

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education)

Hannah Cresswell

Olivia Fantham

Clair-Marie George

Anne Glover

Megan Green

Benjamin Holloway

Savannah Horne

Qiaoxi Li

Hannah Lodge

Jessica Robinson

Nicola Rose

Bethany Smith

Rebecca Thomas

Postgraduate Certificate in Research Enquiry

Benson Ferrari

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Karen Broughton

Julie Haynes

Dan Johnson

Sophie King-Hill

Judith Lane

Rosemarie Miller

Nicola Watson

Rebecca Weston

Karen Williams

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Special Educational Needs Coordination) National SENCO Award

Gail Black

Sarah Burnell

Alison Campbell

Briony Cartwright

Elizah Cartwright

Eleanor Collier

Susan Evans

Louise Greenway

Kirstie Hallam

Francesca Hughes

Anne Jones

Alison Kemp

Matthew Lloyd

Emma Lodge

Ann-Marie Lynch

Christopher Mann

Helen McClane

Daniel McEvilly

Paige Milbery

Emma Morgan

Aimee Nash

Alison Peacey

Sara Penellum

Amanda Salisbury

Laura Spurgin

Michaela Watts

Martyn West

Jenny Westmacott

Emma White

Sarah Whitelaw

Satima Witts

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Rosene Simpson

Master of Arts in Education

Jenny Brazier

Gurneet Chagger

Meryl Cherner

Catherine Clark

Johanna Cliffe

Eleanor Cox

Jennifer Dunn

Miriam Gee

Helen Hoarle

Virginia Honey

Natalie Hunt

Karl Long

Imran Mohammed

Natalie Parker

Andrew Petherick

Jane Sandell

Rachel Sullivan

Craig Tucker

Heidi Watkins

Master of Arts in Education (Early Childhood)

Samuel Proctor

Master of Arts in Education (Leadership and Management)

Peter Hinett

Kristian Williams

Master of Arts in Education (Mentoring & Coaching)

Georgia Banham

Master of Arts in Education (Religions & Values Education)

Rebecca Davidge

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Special and Inclusive Education)

Lorraine O’Connor

Master of Arts in Education (Special and Inclusive Education)

James Auden

Amber McIntosh

Diego Montaldo

Heather Ramsay

Rebekah Wybrow

Master of Science in Educational Management and Leadership

Angela Bowes

Kirsten Jones

Master of Arts in Special and Inclusive Education

Rosemary Hatton

Doctor of Education

Kerry Whitehouse

Doctor of Philosophy

Elizabeth Russell

Rachael Shillitoe

Marie Stephenson

Kerry Whitehouse

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology & Heritage Studies

Nicole Prosser

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Archaeology & Heritage Studies

Jonathan Cusdin

Michael Dean

Samantha Lynch

Shannon Martin

Jake Minton

Matthew Neilson

Robert Parker

Skye Riley

Charlotte Rogers

Katherine Wild

Christopher Wolstencroft

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Archaeology & Heritage Studies and Fine Art

Rachel Sycamore

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

Christopher Greensmith

Laura Grove

Henry Thorn

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Science

Matthew Acton

Joe Dangerfield

Rebecca Mapp

Jason Trueman

Katherine Whistance

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Science and Physical Geography

Megan Barnwell

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geography

Amelia Andrews

Charlotte Ashby

Katherine Borton

Jonathan Bradley

Adele Bratt

Myles Buckingham

Calum Cheshire

Hollie Devenney

James Drewry

Monet Ellard

James Farrow

Amy Fowler

Christian Graham

Adam Green

Samuel Green

Heather Harris

Simon Havers

Tabitha Hunt

Thomas Insley

Verity Jones

Gwilym Luckett

Joshua Powell

Megan Robertson

Edward Rowley

Robert Smith

Zachary Wade

Iain Walker

Robert Wall

Jacob Wheaton

Nicola Wiltshire

Samuel Witham

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geography and Mathematics

Emily Callard-Weller

Bethany Coombes

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Human Geography

Hebe Adams

Elizabeth Francis-Drummond

Amy Morton

Richie Norris

Connor Sheffield

Bradley White

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Human Geography and Sociology

Hannah Short

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physical Geography

Bradley Baker

Antony Boasman

Katherine Davey

Tonisha-Mai Drabble

Abbie Rollason

Nathaniel Stanley

Fiona White

Master of Arts in Sustainable Development Advocacy - Professional Practice (The Bulmer Foundation)

Rachel Rocks-Engelman

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Animal Biology

Ana Aguado Moreno

Connor Edwards

Alexandra Horner

Lydia Maddox

Hope Moran

Meera Solanki

Shea Sullivan

Alexandra Thomas

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biochemistry

Thomas Burnett-Smith

Divya Dhangar

Pooja Mahey

Gemma Peters

Bethany Rose-Murphy

Agata Stramska

Jack Taylor

Charlotte Whatmore

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology

Alistair McGonigle

Craig Phillips

Siiri Reinikka

Laura Wharton

Bachelor of Science in Joint Biology and Combined Studies(Major)

Leon Massey

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology and Psychology

Samantha Ward

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Forensic & Applied Biology

Kirsty Hurley

Hannah Needham

Ashley Richardson

Aimee Wedgbury

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology

Karen Thomas

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Biology

Naomi Anderson

Francheska Bacuetes

Megan Butler

Molly Davies

Victoria George

Ellie Jones

Ofoegbu Kelechi

Sophie Lloyd

Christopher Mavadia

Jessica Moore

Antoaneta Rashkova

Ryan Shore

Millie-Anne Smith

Nikolay Velikov

Isobel Wiggins

Lily Wilkins

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Combined Studies

Leigh Wood

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Biology and Human Nutrition

Kylie Moseley

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Nutrition

Poppy Brindley-Thomas

Louise Chadwick

Shaun Day

Denisa Dufkova

Jessica Green

Marie Kenny

Ella Newbould

Eleanor Seymour Grimshaw

Jane Stevens

Laura Westwood

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Nutrition and Psychology

Sarah Wilson

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Plant Science

Mark Raw

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics (Major)

Daniel Comber

Lewis Kirkpatrick

Megan Porter

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics and Computing

James Barber

Liane Gillespie-Akar

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics and Physical Education

Marcus Tighe-Jones

Doctor of Philosophy

Beverley Adams-Groom

Diploma in Education and Training

Amy Orie

Nicholas Priest

Diploma in Education and Training (Halesowen College)

Samantha Collins

Vivien Gelder

Alicia Harper

Paul Hughes

Ope Odejimi

Laura Prosser

Chelsey Tibbitts

Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education

James Hughes-Tranter

Christie Spencer

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Primary

Lauren Andrews

Emily Atkinson

Sarah Baker

Thomas Baldwin

Chloe Batham-Read

Laura Bennett

Nicholas Billinge

Emma Bilsland

Georgia Bouston

Michelle Bradbury

Kelsea Braddish

Faye Brook

Kerry Brooks

Daniel Burrow

Mai Butler

Sarah Caldwell

Amy Carrie

Anna Chilvers

Gregory Clarke

Jessica Cleghorn

Holly Cogswell

Rebecca Cole

Marie Coles

Alice Cowell

Gemma Cowley

Tom Dalton

Aidan Davies

Emily-Jayne Davies

Sarah Dean

Hannah Denton

Calvin Dinsley

Helen Drew

Kate Ebery

Chantelle Evans

Abigail Farmer

Nicola Fisher

Benjamin Franklin

Mala Franklin

Chloe French

Michelle Gardiner

Phillip George

Charlotte Gibbs

Jack Girling

Joanne Grafton

Connor Grant

Sophie Grice

Jessica Grove

Gemma Haines

Thomas Hale

Hannah Hall

Graham Hampton

Ryan Hanauer

Chloe Harber

Leanne Harvey

Caity Higgins

Caitlin Hollis

Luke Hollywell

Samantha Holmes

Zoe Horton

Pearl Houghton

Jessica Houlston

Carys Hurd

Kali Jauncey

Laura Jones

Lucy Jones

Rhiannon Jones

Megan Keary

Carly Kesterton

Benjamin King

Reece King

Ellie Knight

Adele Lee

Alice Lee

Rebecca Leeder

Olivia Lees

Sophia Leonard

Ethan Lewis

Elena Lockett

Rhianna Longstaff

Samantha Loveridge

MacAulay Ludgate

James Mann

Charlotte Manton

Georgia Matthews

Lisa McCarthy

Kelly McMahon

Rebecca Mills

Tazmin Morgan

Annie-Rose Morris

Emily Moseley

Carla Nicholls

Emma Norman

Julia Nutbrown

Kimberley O’Kane

Amie Orrett

Alice Padden

Felicity Parkinson-Allsopp

Zoe-Josephine Parton

Alexander Pegg

Chiara Pelazza

Laura Phelan-Leeds

Georgina Pilling

Anna Powell

Charlotte Powell

Alice Quigley

Samantha Rawlings

Keeley Rees-Hull

Amie Rhone

Charlotte Richards

Katharine Richards

Luke Ridal

Megan Roberts

Caroline Robertson Smith

Evelyn Rogers

Rebecca Rose

John Rowson

Lianne Ryder

Nicholas Sale

Charlotte Saul

Martin Saunders

Eloise Seabrook-Smith

Lottie Sheridan

Katharine Simmonds

Brogan Skidmore

Joanna Smith

Sharna Smith

Joe Somers

Christopher Southall

Katie Summers

Liam Thomas

Tahlia Tiller

Lauren Tipper

Adam Tompkins

Ellise Tonks

Annabelle Townsend

Catherine Wakelam

Thomas Wale

Roxanne White

Matthew Wiedeman

Flora Wolfe Murray

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education in Educational Studies (Somerset SCIL)

Catherine Mold

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Primary (Somerset SCIL)

Keith Allington

Sara Bailey

Lesley-Ann Bowditch

Megan Collins

Rachel Cox

Lucy Edden

Karen Evans

Martin Fowle

Nicholas Francis

Roy Goddin

Merryn James

Sophie Keitch

Jessica King

Matthew Male

Elinor McElwaine

Jessica Morris

Laura Penney

Stephanie Powell

Jeanette Price

Samuel Robertson

Gabi Rowbottom

Neil Sharp

Katie-May Spiller

Elaine Thorne

Lucille Tope

Benjamin Treloar

Lauren Turner

Kathleen Veal

Sophie Williams

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Primary

Jack Ross

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Secondary

Katrina Allen

Alex Beard

Oliver Hodges

Samuel Johnson

Chelsea Lovatt

Craig Matthews

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Secondary

Elizabeth Albutt

Katie Amey

Rachel Annett

Rebecca Armstrong

Lucy Avery

Faye Baker

Matthew Bayley

Sadie Bebb

Emily Bidwell

Eleese Blanchette

Matthew Blatherwick-Hindmarsh

Andreea Bocancea

Emilie Bodinier

Caroline Bonnefoi

Sophie Bray

Hannah Brayne

Hollie Brittle

Florence Broadis

Tori Bryant

Chaya Campbell

Matthew Campbell

Amy Cannon

Benjamin Capaldi

Samuel Carey

Katie Clark

Mark Colley

Jennifer Collins

Thomas Coppins

Matthew Craig

Megan Crowther-Green

Camille Dangeard

Jessica Davies

Bryony Drumgold

Christopher Dudley

Katie Dugdale

Andrew Edwards

Emma Edwards

Amber Elliott

Rachael Elmes

Jessica Evans

Sarah Fell

Leah Fradgley

Eleanor Gilbert - Smith

Lea Gillet

Jack Goodchild

Sean Gregory

Kate Hale

Ceri Hammond

Rupert Harden

Sophie Harding

Jenna Healey

Joseph Hearn

Nicola Hill

Andrew Hobbiss

Angela Hodgson

Ellis Hodnette

Alexander Holford

Jack Horrell

Victoria Houghton

Kenzie Houston

Tania Hudson

William Hudson

Daniel Hughes

Harriet Hughes

Joseph Hughes

Andrea Ineson-Thomas

Amy Jay

Danielle Jeffrey

Rachael Johnson

Stephanie Kearns

Lucy Kelley

Adam Kilgallon

Claire Knight

Scott Knowles

Isobel Lane

Nicola Le Page

Charlotte Lee

Jade Lewis

Seema Mahmud

Laura Markwell

Hannah Martin

Eve McGlynn

Liana Mellichap

Amber-Jayne Merrick

Pela Millard

Saffron Newman

Nathan O’Grady

Grant Owen

Tatiana Pearce

Joanne Perry

Cattleya Petchsingh

Evan Phillips

Amelia Poole

Lauren Purser

Tegan Ransom

Adam Reading

Daniel Redshaw

Annabel Roper

Alexandra Sarti

Natasha Scott

Holly Searle

Rachel Sharp

Shannon Sherwood

Rebecca Short

Maninder Sondh

Megan Spiers

Jack Staynings

Laura Stevens

Katie Styler

Laura Sutton

Dawn Taylor

Simon Thomas

Ryan Upson

Eleanor Walker

Curtis Waters

Sharleen Watkins

Elisha White

Rosie Whitehouse

Mia Whittaker

Jennifer-George Wightman

Hollie-Lianne Williams

Phoebe Williams

Lucy Windsor

Michael Yapp

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Secondary (Barr Beacon SCITT)

Ashley Bullock

Sophie Churchard

Matthew Copson

Caroline Haynes

Patrick Hinsley

Donna Laver

Steven Morris

Danny Ryan

Laura Taylor

Sophie Thomson

Matthew Wallis

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Secondary (Prince Henry’s & South Worcestershire SCITT)

Laura Hendley

Thomas Holmes