INCONSIDERATE drivers have been slammed by a Worcester hairdresser who says parking near her salon during graduation week has been 'hell.'

This week, people have been dropping off students and guests for graduation services at the Severn Campus, or parking nearby.

Sam Roberts, owner of Sam Roberts Hair Design, says it's meant work vehicles have been blocked in and left customers unable to reach her Hylton Road salon.

She said: “This week has been hell with the number of cars parking here. They turn up to drop people off and it means we and our customers can’t get in. The problem is nothing new, and every year we run into the same problems during graduation week. This week it has just got worse and worse.”

The university operates a shuttle bus system between the Riverside building and the Cathedral and operates a signposted walking route. Students are advised not to park at the campus.

A university spokesperson said: “The University’s annual Graduation Ceremonies are a celebration of all the hard work and determination of our students to succeed in their professions. We are delighted that so many graduates will be going on to make a wonderful contribution to the community as teachers, nurses, midwives, paramedics and more.

“Those participating in the Graduation Ceremonies are asked to park at the University’s St John’s Campus, just a short walk away, or at any of the nearby public car parks. We also have signs on the Hylton Road advising those attending not to drop-off in the vicinity of the Arena.

“The Graduation Ceremonies have become ever more popular, bringing much prosperity to the City as the hotels and restaurants flourish during a wet week in November. We apologise if, despite all our planning and organisation, there has been some inconvenience inadvertently caused at some point during this very happy week. We are always happy to speak to business owners about any particular concern.”

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