A CITY pub is still open for business despite unexpected work outside the premises by Severn Trent Water.

The Oil Basin Brew House, in Copenhagen Street, Worcester, has remained open with the pub reporting outside as an “absolute mess.”

Severn Trent Water began unannounced work on Copenhagen Street on Wednesday.

A spokesman told the Worcester News there was a suspected leak on Copenhagen Street and therefore little time to update business owners.

An emergency excavation was carried out by the department.

The water company has put tarmac down on the area and will remove the barriers when the area is safe.

Hannah Webb, the pub’s manager, said: “Severn Trent Water has temporarily covered the hole with tarmac and the barriers are awaiting collection. I’m not sure what else they are planning on doing, if anything.

“We are grateful Severn Trent responded so quickly, they were great.

“Business was affected last night (November 7). We were much quieter than usual. It was very quiet earlier in the evening, however fortunately it picked up later on.

“With it being very noisy outside from the workers, we had a few customers mentioning to us it being loud.”

Fentonator commented on the Worcester News website and said: “I work on this street. Severn Trent Water turned up, ripped up the road looking for a leak that didn’t exist and then left an hour later leaving the road blocked.

“Turns out that the guys they trust to dig the holes can’t be trusted to fill them back in. Apparently, that requires a different department.”

The Colorful Pots Restaurant, in Copenhagen Street, said the works had not affected its business.

A Severn Trent Water spokesman said: “We’re still investigating the cause of the reported leak in Copenhagen Street and our engineers are attending again on Friday.

"We’re ensuring that all business owners are being kept updated on our progress. We’re really sorry for any disruption and our engineers are working as quickly as possible to find and fix the leak.”