A NEWLYWED is taking a cake-maker to court after she allegedly failed to provide a sweet cart and chair covers for her wedding and did not refund her.

Chloe Norman claims she had just woken up on her big day when Tina Thomas, of Mrs T’s Cakes and Candy, told her, at around 6.30am, that she could no longer fulfil her services.

She said the message, sent via Facebook, said due to a family emergency she could no longer provide the sweet cart or chair covers.

The 28-year-old mum-of-three, from Worcester, said she was forced to borrow money from family to pay for last-minute replacements, and claims Mrs Thomas has now failed to pay back the £170 paid to her.

The new bride’s court claim is for £195 and was issued on November 2.

The cake-maker has until 4pm on November 21 to respond, according to an email from HM Courts & Tribunals Service.

“She gave me no option but to open a small claims case against her as £195 is such a lot of money so close to Christmas,” said Mrs Norman.

“I also need to pay my family who bailed us out on the day of our wedding for alternative covers etcetera.”

Mrs Norman, who married partner Ben Norman, 31, on October 27 at the Pear Tree Inn, Worcester, described the ordeal as “absolutely awful”.

“We had the best day of our lives and she has just carried this on so unnecessarily.”

To make matters worse, while the couple were on their honeymoon, their home was broken into.

“The whole house was turned upside down, but nothing taken,” said Mrs Norman.

“The whole thing with Tina and the break in has completely ruined what should be an amazing time celebrating being newlyweds.”

Mrs Norman, who currently lives in Pershore, said Mrs Thomas, in her original message, informed her her father-in-law had passed away that morning.

“I sent my condolences and asked what we can do as it was the day of our wedding and she had let us down,” she explained.

“We asked to collect the covers etc but she said she was now nearly in Wales.”

Mrs Norman said she asked for a refund “straight away” and was told “she would when she gets signal.”

The next day she said Mrs Thomas told her the refund had been sent but would take up to four days to arrive as it was from her business account.

However, the refund has apparently never arrived.

Mrs T’s was unavailable for comment.