THE mum of a 10-year-old girl who attempted suicide due to bullying was allegedly laughed at by the bully’s parents when she confronted them.

Jess Brown, from Worcester, rushed daughter Lilly-Jo Caldcott to A&E on Monday afternoon – the day before her birthday – after she overdosed on unspecified tablets and refused to eat.

The child was “fighting for her life” at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, and Jess, 27, claims she contacted the alleged bully’s parents the day before and they called the police.

“I got hold of the mother’s number and rang her to try and resolve this out of school and she basically told me her daughter has done nothing wrong,” Jess explained.

“I rang again on Sunday and the mother and father were laughing down the phone, saying it was a joke.

“They egged me on to go to their house, so I did and they called the police,” she said.

The mum-of-three is now adamant she will take the issue further with the bully’s parents and Witton Middle School, as she feels “nothing” was being done to resolve the problem.

She has also confirmed she will not be sending her child back to the school once she has recovered.

Jess has been in constant consultation with the Droitwich school since Lilly-Jo started there in September and quickly began being bullied by another pupil.

“The school know how strongly I feel about this and so do the parents. I will be taking this further,” she said.

“I need to know my daughter is safe when she is not at home, wherever she is at school,” she added.

Speaking to the Worcester News from hospital yesterday morning, she went on to say that Lilly-Jo was due home by the end of the day and will then celebrate her birthday.

“She’s doing well, she’s still shaken but is hopefully going to make a full recovery.”

Mental health experts will visit the 10-year-old at home on a daily basis to ensure she is coping, said Jess.

Referring to the response the story has had on Facebook, she said: “I was amazed by all the lovely comments, hoping Lilly-Jo gets better.

“It’s so nice to have support from so many people.”

Prior to Lilly-Jo’s overdose, her mum posted a video of the child on Facebook pouring her heart out about her bullying ordeal, including saying the bully had told her to move schools.

She said that day the alleged bully, “was staring at me in the changing rooms and calling me fat”.

“She has sent text messages to my friend and now they are not speaking to me – they have a picture of me falling off a yellow bench and I was crying.

“She said that if I don’t move school she will carry on bullying me until I get angry.

“I don’t want to kill myself,” she added.

Cath Crossley, headteacher of Witton Middle School, said: “We were made aware of these bullying allegations and took immediate action, following the relevant school policies and procedures.

“Face-to-face meetings were organised with myself, the deputy headteacher and our chair of Governors with the families involved and the families have also been working with our support worker.

“Pupils will also be undertaking some classroom learning on the theme of anti-bullying.”

She added: “Our thoughts go out to Lilly-Jo and her family at this difficult time.”