IT'S FANTASTIC to see the progress being made at Bishop Perowne CE College, a popular Worcester secondary school where the majority of students now receive an excellent education.

In February last year, Bishop Perowne was placed in special measures after being rated as 'inadequate' – the lowest possible grade – by Ofsted inspectors.

This meant that Ofsted inspectors closely monitored the school and demanded rapid and significant improvement – and the staff at Bishop Perowne have clearly risen to that challenge.

To go from the lowest rating to the second highest of four – a 'good' grade – in just over 18 months is very impressive and everybody at the school should be congratulated for this achievement.

No doubt there has been a lot of tireless work and a great deal of stress for Bishop Perowne's staff during that time as they battled to turn things around, but they can be proud to say today that their school is good and improving all the time, as indicated by Ofsted's inspectors.

So well done to everyone at Bishop Perowne – Worcester is proud of you.