Dennis Evans gets a buzz out of his job.

The group property care director for Fortis Living, has always believed in helping people to make a better life for themselves.

He said: “I think I have always believed in helping people improve and giving them options.

“Coming here has meant I can begin to make people’s lives better not just by giving them a house, but by helping them with jobs and apprenticeships. For me that is the most rewarding thing about the job.”

Originally from Liverpool, Dennis moved to Worcester seven years ago as his wife was from the area.

He says his dream was not always working in housing, describing how he fell into the job rather than setting his heart on it from the outset.

He said: “It probably was a case of me stumbling upon it. I worked for a number of different contractors and stumbled upon it about 14 years ago.

“I was with a contractor and we were making lots of promises about apprenticeships and not really going through with them.

“I really wanted to be somewhere where we could help people realise their goals by creating jobs as well as housing for people who live and work in the area.

“I still truly believe it is a good thing and can have a great positive impact on people’s lives.”

Dennis is a new addition to the firm, joining in October this year, and since then has made it the goal of both himself and his team to work on bridging the gap between supply and demand and recruit local tradespeople to join their existing teams.

Earlier this year, FPC organised its first ever ‘Try a Trade day’ to encourage more woman into trade jobs.

The day saw them welcome more than thirty women, offering them the chance to learn a range of skills, including plumbing, carpentry, electrics and painting and decorating.

Dennis says it is this chance to invest in people and help them that gives him as ‘big a buzz as anything.’