A PREVIOUS career in nursing has given Helen Morton, senior solicitor in family law at Russell & Co Solicitors, a unique perspective on helping people get through difficult times.

Before becoming a specialist in family law, Helen worked as a nurse in Birmingham before taking a role in social care.

It was there that she was introduced to family law.

“I worked as a nurse before going on to work in social care and so while I was being trained for that I stumbled across it," she told the Worcester News.

“I did not really expect to become a specialist, all the others in training were talking about doing training contracts and getting their licence and I got carried along on a wave of enthusiasm for it.”

As her children grew up, Helen decided that nursing was no longer right for her, with unsociable hours making childcare difficult.

She studied to become a lawyer at Warwick University, saying it was at just the right time for her.

“It was at that time where my children were young and nursing is such a demanding profession," she said. “It really is hard for nurses and I sympathise with them.”

Helen’s background in nursing and social care gives her and her team at Russell & Co a special approach to helping clients.

“Here we have time for people and an interest in them and their lives," she said. “They are our clients, but they are not commodities. We know them and looking after people in that way means if they are happy, we are happy.”

Helen started at Russell & Co in October this year and says she is here to stay: “My partner and I have been all round the Midlands but I don’t think we’ll move again. We are very happy here.”

A theme of Helen’s life has been that it is never too late to do something different. “Going to uni part time as a mother has taught me that anything is possible," she said.

And her advice to anyone considering a career change? “Don’t worry about whether you can make it, just try.”