A BREXIT battle bus is heading to the city next week as part of a campaign against leaving the EU.

The 'B******* to Brexit' vehicle will arrive in Cathedral Square, Worcester, on December 8, as part of a tour around the UK.

Remainers raised over £17,000 through an online crowdfunding page to pay for the initiative.

The page states: "Our plan is for a 'B******* to Brexit' bus to target Remainers across the country and motivate them into action.

"[It is also] to show the UK media that the Remainers' 'B******* to Brexit' is a much better campaign with far more support then Farage’s 'Leave Means Leave' bus tour.

"We will have an MC and speakers on the bus tour, who will give the facts-based case to stop Brexit."

Madeleina Kay, the 'EU supergirl', and Drew Galdon, a Boris Johnson impersonator, known as 'Faux BoJo', will also be at the rally at 1.30pm.