BUS users and Worcester News readers agreed with a review into the county's bus service and put the spotlight on what work would needed for the long-term approach the report calls for.

A report calling for a change in mind-set on how the county’s buses are run will be scrutinised by councillors on December 5.

The draft paper compiled by a cross-party scrutiny group sets out a number of recommendations including asking the council to take a long-term strategic approach to public transport.

In the report’s foreword, Councillor Chris Bloore, who led the group, said: “It’s time to start building bus services up so that buses are seen as an option for everyone, not just those who have no other option, as part of a county-wide strategic approach to address the issues but also to make the most of opportunities.

"This means changing the way we tender for services, giving incentives to our partners to grow bus usage, improving the perception of our bus services and embracing new technology and platforms to improve confidence and accessibility."

Stuart Lane, commenting on the Worcester News Facebook page, said: "I would be happy if a lot of the busses actually showed up. I understand that things like traffic can affect times yet when three buses in a row don’t show over 45 minutes, you know they haven’t even left the station.

"Why have timetables if you can’t or won’t keep to them?"

Rob Jones, also on the Worcester News Facebook page, said: "I can drive into town park for three hours and drive home for less than it would cost for my wife and I to get return bus tickets so you won't be seeing us on the bus anytime soon."

Emma Henning queried why buses are so expensive in Worcester.

She said: "Why is it so expensive for teenagers? £4.50 for the bus from Warndon Villages to town and back?

"It is much cheaper to get the car out and drop them off and pick them up again.

"Four car journeys that could be removed, especially when there is more than one teen travelling."

Tracy Williams said: "Would help if we had a bus service that worked until at least midnight and seven days a week.

"I have never known a useless bus service like it."

Sue Absalom said: "I have no choice but to use public transport at the moment as I can't drive due to injury. What a joke.

"If the buses turn up when they're meant to, it's 50-50 if they'll stop.

"I can't wait until I can use my car again."