DO you want to see and hear a live performance by Buddy Holly?

That’ll be the day. The unwise decision to fly in a small aircraft in bad weather meant that Buddy ceased to rave on after 1959.

But by the time his career path took the ultimate dip, history had already been made, and a tribute act coming to the Huntingdon Hall shows the music lives on.

A spokesman said: “Through 1957 to 1959 one man changed the face of music and revolutionised the meaning of Rock ‘N’ Roll. That man was Buddy Holly.

“Now, clutching a Fender Stratocaster, sporting a pair of heavy-rimmed glasses, and sounding exactly like Buddy in his heyday, a legend has been reborn.

“This all new production celebrates an artist who shot straight into the limelight as soon as That’ll Be The Day hit the radio. Though his career was short, this one-man powerhouse gave the world a stack of hits that will never be forgotten.”

Join Buddy Holly - A Legend Reborn on January 18, from 7.30pm.

For tickets, call 01905 611427 or go to