A COMIC designer has created an online advent calendar inspired to help the homeless community.

Betty Rose, 22, from Malvern, creates comics as a hobby which she has named Panda and Possum Adventures.

Betty aims to use her comics as a platform to provide information on how people can help the homeless community during this time of year.

She will be drawing a comic every day and will post them online until December 24, aiming to educate individuals on how to help rough sleepers.

Talking about her project and what inspired her, Betty said: “A couple of years ago me and my dad bought pizza and tea for the homeless people. We knew it wasn't going to solve all their problems, but we were so desperate to help. We have both been wanting to find ways to help more ever since.”

Betty has been in touch with Maggs Day Centre, the homeless shelter in Worcester, for advice and contact details on how to support the community. She hopes to use her comics to promote awareness as well as battle the stigma that comes with being homeless.

Betty added: "We're all busy, and we all consider ourselves good people and sometimes it's easier to say I'll donate next time or I'll do something big next year, than to admit that we don't know the best way to help.

“The work they do at Maggs is amazing and worth supporting. I am so grateful towards the people who work at Maggs who have spared their time to advise me with this series of comics to reach out to others.

"From how to donate by text to fighting the stigma, the next few weeks I will deliver a fresh comic to wake up to. Learning how to make the world a better place is better than chocolate any day.

“My comics will highlight the stigmas and work to humanize the homeless community, as well as share contacts for charities that have the time, knowledge and funding to effectively support rough sleepers and the homeless and get them back on their feet. It can be as easy as sending one text to donate or alert a network about someone you're concerned about.”

A fundraiser will be up and running on Betty’s Facebook page for people to donate, where all the funds will be contributed to Maggs Day Centre. To view Betty’s work and donate, visit facebook.com/PAPAartist/