FOAM pouring out of a popular Worcester fountain appeared to turn the attraction into a giant bowl of washing up liquid.

The fountains, located just outside Browns at the Quay, in South Quay, Worcester, were producing a huge amount of foam on Monday afternoon - but it was all just to ensure the fountain had a good clean.

One passerby said: “I was walking by the river and saw a big wall of foam from the distance. There were bubbles and foam everywhere.

“I thought someone had tipped washing up liquid on the fountain. All the foam was getting blown across and going in the trees.

“It was an unusual sight and thing to come across.”

However, a Worcester City Council spokesman reassured the public, saying: “This is a normal procedure for the fountains, no one has placed washing up liquid down the pipes.

“Often a washing cycle takes place where washing fluid is put down the pipes to clean everything out and to ensure it is maintained.

“It is just like cleaning a dirty plate and you apply fairy liquid to give it a good clean.”