THE Government’s handling of Brexit just becomes more farcical each day as we approach the big vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal next week.

The Prime Minister is desperately trying to sell her Brexit deal to MPs, with the commons debate now underway.

I wrote last week that we are heading for a no deal if nothing changes because, as it stands, the parliamentary arithmetic points towards a government defeat on December 11.

I also continue to predict that the PM will face a leadership contest because what she has done is propose a deal that would never get through Parliament, bringing about a crisis not seen in peacetime.

Yes I know you could accuse me of tabloid hyperbole in saying that, but in this case it's true. This really is the biggest political crisis we will ever see play out in our lifetime.

The PM is on a major PR operation to sell this deal, and you have to call it desperate when you hear comments that this is the “only” deal and we couldn’t go back to the EU to renegotiate.

Be in no doubt, many MPs and possibly even the DUP MPs were always willing to compromise, so a deal could have been done. But what was negotiated would never get support.

And when the EU leaders say this is the only deal available, that is nonsense. They would be open to another deal.

So where are we now? Basically, in a mess that gets increasingly ridiculous every day.

Whether it's the government being forced to publish its full legal advice on the Brexit deal, after MPs found it in contempt of Parliament for not doing so, or Theresa May pulling out of a BBC debate, or rumours the vote could even be scrapped - it is all a shambles that could have been written for that classic comedy The Thick of It.

The Worcester News has even been dragged into it now, after the Brexit Secretary’s team approached us offering a Q&A with readers last week. We asked for your questions, dutifully sent them off, and were promised by the press team we would get a response “by Monday at the latest”. Last night we were still waiting for the answers.

That probably sums up the whole Brexit situation right now – confusion, broken promises and waiting.