PRIMARY school children dressed up as astronauts or aliens for a visit from a former NASA astronaut.

Winston Scott visited Nunnery Wood Primary School to tell children about his time aboard famous space shuttles Endeavour and Columbia.

He answered all the children's questions on life in space: from the logistics of going to the toilet, to keeping clean in zero gravity.

Pupils from Nunnery Wood High School and Lyppard Grange Primary School were invited to join the presentation on Thursday, November 15.

Tom Harris, science coordinator, said: "It was a fantastic experience for the children to meet a truly inspirational person, who has achieved incredible feats through hard work and determination.

"Captain Scott highlighted the importance of following your dreams and aiming for the stars."

Captain Scott judged entries for a science competition to design a spacecraft capable of taking mankind to Mars and gave prizes.

The visit was organised through Inspirespace CIC Ltd.