WHAT I discovered as I called in at King's School, in College Green, Worcester, was their generosity and enthusiasm to share their facilities with other schools.

King's invites primary children from other schools to attend their weekly enrichment activities put on by the older Sixth Form students.

These sessions do not only encourage the older students to mingle with a younger age group, but it also provides a dedicated space for children who do not have access to resources.

The children who visit the school describe the crafty activities put on as a treat and they thoroughly enjoy the experience with the older students at King's.

Rosie Ellender leads the Key Skills programme at King's, which is an enrichment programme taught to the Sixth Form occupying one double period per week. The programme aims to encourage students to experience other opportunities outside the classroom.

Key Skills enables students to broaden their skills by taking part in activities such as debating, IT skills and producing a research report.

The students also work in small groups and do community service with two local primary schools - Stanley Road and Whittington.

Miss Ellender said: "Primarily the main focus is giving back to the community. We invite the Year 2 students from the schools as they do not have the opportunity to do art in their main curriculum.

"We like to reach out to all ages in primary schools. It fires up their enthusiasm of the arts and gets them outside the walls of their classroom. It also gives our students the chance to meet and work with young children."

Harry Walker, aged 18, who studies Art as an A-level, said: "These enrichment classes are great, the kids really enjoy it. They find it interesting to see a perspective of an older student.

"All sixth formers really enjoy it too - it takes us back to when we were their age.

"It allows us to see what it is like to work with children and is in an insight on working within education."

Bernadette Sheppard, Year 2 teacher from Whittington, said: "The students have been treated to these incredible resources and never ending supplies. Everything has been taken care of by the Sixth Form pupils at King's.

"The children come in and they are so excited to what each week brings. When we go home on the coach they sing at the top of their lungs. These activities have such a positive impact upon the children."

Sue Mason, whose role is to develop links between local primary schools with King's, said: "The arts at King's is very strong. We are open in sharing our facilities and welcome these younger students to offer them something different from their usual school classroom."

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