A MINISTRY of Justice (MoJ) investigation is continuing into how a convicted rapist was able to escape from a court after leaping from the dock, but the Worcester News has been told it is unlikely information will be released after it is completed.

In October Bradley Tout, of Durham Road, vaulted over the dock in court three at Worcester Crown Court after being found guilty of attacking a teenage girl in December 2016.

After going on the run for days, the 20-year-old eventually handed himself in. On November 9, he was accused of “cowardice” by Judge James Tindal who added six months to his seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence for the rape.

At the time the MoJ provided a statement that an investigation had begun into the incident.

The Worcester News approached the MoJ press office yesterday for comment but was initially told it was unlikely they would be releasing information on the outcome of the investigation, as this was something they don't routinely do.

A statement was later provided, from a HM Courts & Tribunals Service spokesman, which said: "Public protection is our priority and incidents like this are extremely rare. All are taken seriously and a full investigation is underway.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further.”