TO HEAR the news that triple child killer, David McGreavy, will be released from prison after Christmas is sickening.

McGreavy, also named the 'Monster of Worcester' was a family friend and lodger of Elsie Urry and husband, Clive Ralph.

The couple were at work while they trusted McGreavy to babysit their three children, Paul, four, sister Dawn, two, and nine-month-old Samantha, at their home in Gillam Street, Worcester.

In 1973 McGreavy brutally slaughtered the children, claiming he killed them because one of them would not stop crying. He was sentenced with a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Forty-five years later, this monster will walk the streets free from prison. A life sentence imprisonment should mean life sentence.

It makes me wonder, how on earth can a maniac like this be given a second chance at life?

The parole board have said that over his 45 years in custody, McGreavy has changed “considerably.”Is this enough to go on to release a man who slaughtered three young children and impaled their dead bodies on a neighbours spiked fence?

The board have also said it is less likely that McGreavy will reoffend in the future. Hold on, less likely?

A simple action triggered him to murder before. How do we know he will strike again?

I do not think there will ever be an adequate explanation as to why this animal should be let loose.

I have lost all hope in our justice system. Justice has not been served.

He certainly will not be warmly welcomed back into society when he is released. So what will happen then? Will he have a change of identity? Perhaps a few body guards will protect him from the public trying to kill him? And where exactly is that money coming from to keep this lunatic safe?

My opinion on this animal is that he should feel the pain that he inflicted on those innocent children.