THE future of a popular bonfire night fireworks display is in doubt after the owner was burgled while setting up for this year’s event.

Paul Harker, aged 61, jointly owns the Drum and Monkey Pub in Upton and has hosted a bonfire night display featuring hot food and fireworks for the last five years.

This year, he was returning from setting up for the bonfire in the early hours of November 3 when he found the windows on his barn had been smashed and several valuable motorcycles and tools worth thousands of pounds had been stolen.

Mr Harker, who is undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer, said: “It was awful. They had broken the bolts and made off with some really valuable bikes as well as emptying my extensive tool collection.

“One was a unique 650 BSA which I customised and have had since I was 17.

“It wasn’t a wreck or anything it was a lovely bike and it is the only one like it in the world.”

Mr Harker added: "This firework social is organised and funded my me and a small team of volunteers.

“If scumbags like this steal from me again, it’ll cost me too much and I won’t be able to do it next year. A positive outcome to this may change my mind but at the moment, plans for future events doubt.” Mr Harker is appealing for anyone who might recognise the thieves to contact the police, saying “I want to get this out as wide as possible. Someone must know these people.”

The bikes stolen from Mr Harker were:

A white 1978 Yamaha TY250 trials bike

A blue 1982 Yamaha AG100 Utility bike

A red 1983 Honda XL185S bike

A green Kawasaki KE100 bike

An ATC200 ES Farm Trike