A GRANDMOTHER is desperate to find the young man who took her cat to a vet after he had been run over by a van and subsequently died.

Marcella Adams, aged 70, who lives near Blackpole in Worcester, said she was devastated over the death of ‘little Tiggy’ but found some comfort in the knowledge that a 'kind' young man had tried to help her beloved pet tabby cat.

She said that Tiggy died after he was hit by a van somewhere near her home yesterday (Thursday) morning but the driver didn't stop – possibly because he or she didn't realise they had run over the cat.

Mrs Adams received a phone call from Vets4Pets on Blackpole Trading Estate and they informed her that Tiggy had been run over by a van and a man – not the driver of the van that hit the cat – had brought him in.

Sadly, by the time the man handed Tiggy over to the vets, the cat was dead.

The man was described as being about 6ft1 and in his 20s, with brown hair, and he was driving a van.

“He did not leave a name or contact details,” said Mrs Adams.

“It was a bit distressing for me because I would like to know where Tiggy was run over and how it happened. He must have been out in the street.”

Mrs Adams added: “I would like a contact number for the gentleman who was so kind to take the trouble to pick him up and take him to the vet.

"If this guy hadn’t have taken him in, I would still be out in the garden looking for Tiggy. I would like to say thank you for being so kind.”

Mrs Adams said:” Because Tiggy is chipped, they only had to run a scan on him and my details and number came up which is good really because at least I know, otherwise I wouldn’t know what had happened to him.”

Mrs Adams said there were no marks or visible injuries and she believes Tiggy was killed by the impact of the collision.

Mrs Adams said: “We sometimes called him little Sproutie because he was a such a lovely, naughty little lad.

“Tiggy is just over a year old, he is really lovely and friendly, we called him ‘little Tiggy'.

"He comes in and out through the cat flap and we have got a massive garden – I never thought he would get into the road.”