A Christmas display by pupils from a Worcester primary school has now taken pride of place at The Hive.

The display is part of a project set by the Friends of St Barnabas CE Primary School PTA entitled: “Build a Christmas tree that doesn’t cost the earth”.

The project challenged pupils to make Christmas trees from recyclable materials as part of their study of recycling and sustainability.

Classes were tasked with building a Christmas tree using recycled or recyclable materials.

Trees were made of plastic bottles, twigs, milk cartons and even dog show rosettes as pupils of all ages from reception to Year Six got involved over a week of hard work.

The trees were displayed at the school’s Christmas fayre and each has a fact relating to recycling or sustainability.

Sarah Carey, Deputy Headteacher of St Barnabas, said: “We are very proud of our pupils for their work. I feel it has been a great success and the children have learned a lot.

“They had a great time making them and they look fantastic.

"I would like to thank the Friends of St Barnabas for coming up with the idea as it has been great."

One tree, called "Christmas Treats" was made out of chocolate wrappers, and the card underneath said the average British person eats around 7,000 chocolate bars in their lifetime.

Another, made from recycled newspapers (Worcester News included) was called "Tree Paper Tree" and contained the information that it takes 24 trees to make a tonne of news paper.

Other trees on display included "Reflectricty" - a tree made entirely of plastic bottles, "Snap Cracker Pop" - made from recycled Christmas crackers, and "Coulda Wooda Shooda" made from bundles of sticks with bamboo supports.

There was also "Junky Tree" - this tree was made using an old cardboard box and assorted items and toys.

The tree was presented as a game of I spy where pupils had to find an item attached to the tree beginning with the letter D.

The Christmas trees had originally been displayed at the school's Christmas fayre to showcase the work to fellow pupils and parents.