A CAMPAIGNER who is calling for Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board to review rough sleeper policy has secured a meeting with board chairman Derek Benson.

In a “stark” Christmas letter to Maggs Day Centre, Worcestershire Caring for Communities and People (CCP) and others, former University of Worcester student Hugo Sugg said he “will not stop” until he gets answers.

Referring to the numerous authorities, he said: “It is unacceptable to have not taken responsibility”, adding: “it is appalling and callous that you have taken the option to frustrate and ignore the circumstances”.

The campaigner had initially reiterated his push for a policy review earlier this month after Malvern homeless man Remigiusz Boczarski died on October 30, aged 40.

Mr Boczarski became the second recorded open-air death of a homeless person in the county since Worcestershire Caring for Communities and People was launched in April 2016.

Following the death of 74-year-old city rough sleeper Cardon Banfield, also in 2016,

Worcestershire County Council’s calls for a review were rejected by the county’s SAB.

In his letter, shared on Twitter, Mr Sugg said: “I hope you realise that I will not stop until I get answers to hold people and organisations accountable into the deaths of both Cardon and Remi.”

In May, an independent report was published which deemed there had been several “missed opportunities” that could have kept Mr Banfield on the streets, unnecessarily.

Commissioned in line with new guidance from the national body Homeless Link, the report was conducted by consultant Neelam Sunder and commissioned by the city council – after lobbying from Mr Sugg and Worcestershire Healthwatch.

In his letter, Mr Sugg said he has “over 500 documents” from the city council and trustee minutes from Maggs Day Centre which he is reviewing as part of his investigation into whether correct policy was adhered to.

“I will be presenting any new information to a meeting with Derek Benson, chair of the Adult Safeguarding Board, with Matthew Dowine from Crisis attending alongside me,” he continued.

He said the city council, councillors and Maggs, as well as others are “subjects of interest due to [their] contact (or non-contact) with the two gentlemen”.

He said: “I hope this Christmas, as you spend time with loved ones and you remember legacies of people you know who have passed, you will stop and think about the two families of Cardon and Remi who won't be able to see their relative.

“Both cases were found in tragic, horrendous and unimaginable circumstances.

“It is appalling and callous that you have taken the option to frustrate and ignore the circumstances to which Cardon was found and what you and your organisations' involvement was.

“But, you can do the right thing before you go off for your Christmas break: Tell Derek Benson you want an SAR into Cardon Banfield and hold your hands up.

“You can help stop Cardon dying in vain now.”

He added: “Finally – I will not go away. I will not stop. I will get answers – however long it takes. I will get Justice for Cardon and Remi.”