I WILL soon be making my annual Fair Point predictions for 2019 but before I do it is always fun to look back on how I got on with the predictions for the year just gone.

In my column from last December entitled “2018 predictions - an election, new leader and a quarter final" - I made four predictions.

Having had success at this in the past, I have to accept my predictions this year were generally a poor showing.

Firstly, I assumed (as it turned out wrongly) that there would be a spring general election.

To be fair my reasoning made sense as I wrote: "I’m assuming this is where we are heading, as working with a such a tiny majority - reliant on DUP votes - could eventually become unworkable."

My second prediction, that Prime Minister Theresa May would be forced to step down - with Boris Johnson or Sajid Javid becoming the new PM - also didn't play out as I thought. I was not far wide of the mark though, May staking everything on her troubled Brexit deal nearly costing her the top job in December after a Tory leadership contest was forced, and more than 100 of her MPS voted against her. But the PM survived by telling her party she would not fight another election.

My third prediction, that there would be no state visit for Donald Trump, was my most successful as I was correct in assuming the most Trump would receive was a scaled-back trip.

I was wrong on one aspect though because during the 'working visit' that took place last July, the American president did meet the Queen when it looked like that wouldn't happen.

And the predicted large scale protests did take place and grabbed a lot media attention.

As for my last prediction - that England would lose in a quarter final at the World Cup - I am happy to say ended up being wrong.

I wrote a year ago: "The draw looks favourable, and I see England coming second in group G. After beating Poland in the last 16 match, the young lions will do well in their quarter final against Brazil, being knocked out on penalties to the eventual champions."

Although England did finish second in the group, in the quarter final we instead ended up beating Sweden, before defeat at the semi final stage to Croatia. Meanwhile, Brazil were the ones going home at the quarter finals, after losing to Belgium.