MAKING any predictions for 2019 would be foolish but after my poor attempt last year, getting only one out of four right, things can only get better.

So here’s my attempt for the year ahead:

1. Brexit delay: As with many predictions I often change my mind, but sometimes your first thought is your best.

Just months after the 2016 referendum I forecast that the March 29, 2019 deadline for when we are due to exit the European Union, would be pushed back. Last March, a year before the deadline, I changed my mind on that.

But now it seems inevitable Prime Minister Theresa May will be forced to do the ultimate 'kicking the can down the road' exercise.

If, as seems certain now, the vote on her deal is lost next week and subsequent votes are also lost, the pressure to avoid a no deal will become intense. Pushing back the deadline could be May's only option.

2. A general election: I seem to make this prediction annually - and got the snap election of 2017 correct - but you have to think this will happen sooner rather than later.

Assuming the defeats for May's government keep coming, including a major loss over her Brexit deal, at some point parliamentary arithmetic becomes unworkable. An election then gets called.

What possibly could delay this is the PM has already committed to not fighting the next election, and will want to hold on for as long as possible

But ultimately a PM not controlling events, and instead reacting to them, is not sustainable and could lead to her downfall.

3. Donald Trump's last year in office: the next US Presidential election is not until 2020, and it could be then when he leaves office by announcing he will not be fighting that election.

But I'm making a much bolder prediction - that President Trump will be forced to resign this year.

At this point I couldn't predict what the ultimate issue to push him out, the tipping point, will be but when it happens the pressure will become too much. And faced with impeachment, presidents will always prefer to resign.

4. Finally, for a bit of fun, here are some of my 2019 sporting predictions: Premier League: Liverpool, Champions League: Manchester City, Cricket World Cup: England, The Ashes: Draw, Wimbledon: Alexander Zverev.