WITH opposition to the planned parking charges at Worcester Woods Country Park growing by the day, will the county council reverse its decision to introduce the fees?

Mayor of Worcester Jabba Riaz is the latest person to speak out against Worcestershire county council cabinet member Lucy Hodgson’s decision to force people to pay to park at the popular city park.

Although this is a case of Labour councillor criticising the decision of a Conservative, the mayor’s view is shared by thousands of residents, particularly the members of Worcester Parkrun who use the facility every weekend.

The general view is that, ultimately, the extra income for the council of £140,000 per year is not worth the price of putting people off using the park and exercising. If anything, people should be encouraged to exercise in order to lessen the strain on the local NHS.

The question now is whether Cllr Hodgson and the cabinet will do a U-turn after the decision is debated at the overview and scrutiny performance board meeting this Monday, January 14.