A BUSY city shopping street will remain closed for another month to allow for water maintenance work to be carried out.

The work, by Severn Trent, is to provide a more reliable water supply and help prevent future leaks and bursts in one of the city’s busiest shopping areas.

Church Street was closed from August to November last year as part of the first phase of the work and Severn Trent has returned to finish the second phase.

The latest part of the work includes making a number of connections at Trinity Street, The Shambles, St Swithin’s Street and Mealcheapen Street.

Temporary tarmac laid in The Shambles will be removed once Severn Trent has finished its maintenance work at the end of January.

Worcester City Council’s and Worcestershire County Council’s regeneration of The Shambles will begin after Severn Trent has finished its work.