Sir – Mr Moreton’s reply (Cynics are those who prey on fears, January 8) to my opposition  to endless illegal immigration followed the usual predictable pattern of these bleeding-heart liberals.

Firstly, it starts with personal smears of anybody who has the temerity just to talk about immigration, a subject up to now people have been too scared to mention for fear of this kind of abuse, the pent-up anger and frustration of which led the British people to vote for Brexit.

Secondly, he admits he will not answer the arguments (far too morally superior for that) but, really, because he can’t – how pathetic.

Then we have the myths, in this case that these illegals are “desperate and exploited”, although they are anything but.

They chose to go to Serbia when it removed the need for tourist visas last year and long planned their journey here, choosing not to claim asylum in any of the many safe countries they passed through to get to the UK where an army of immigration lawyers (all paid for by the state) will ensure they all get to stay here. 

Although he will refuse to answer them, I have two questions for Mr Moreton and others. We already have 700,000 illegal immigrants in the UK so how many more does he want?

Regardless of who they are or how many of them there are, these people always demand we accept  the lot.

Secondly, where exactly are the spare houses, hospital beds, GPs, and school places?

On many occasions, I have personally seen how desperate so many local people on the housing waiting list are to get a house, very many of them waiting for  five years or longer.

What does he say to them? Why doesn’t he care about them?

So I must disappoint Mr Moreton.

People elect politicians to say what they think and speak out on the issues and I will continue to do so, exposing the hypocrisy of the left-wing establishment.

Alan Amos  

City and County Councillor for Bedwardine