FOR this weeks In the Classroom feature, reporter Grace Walton took a trip to Claines to visit King's Hawford School, in Hawford Lock Lane. It was a pleasant drive, set out in the country side with a large outdoor space surrounding the school.

I was greeted by Jim Turner, the head teacher, who took me on a guided tour.

What stuck out for me during my trip was a double decker bus lying on the grounds of the school.

After speaking to Mr Turner, he informed me on last years schools project, which was a double decker bus donated by London Transport, converted into a school library.

This is a dedicated library space within the school, for all the children to use in an engaging environment. Not only is the library bus a quirky idea, but it also saves plenty of space in the main school building.

The double decker bus certainly stood out for me, it is a clever initiative and shows a personal touch which has been carefully thought through.

Mr Turner said: "It is a brilliant place to sit children down to read a story. It is like a little adventure for them, and double decker buses are always fun."

Peggy Stevens, aged 7 said: “Every Thursday we have a ‘mystery reader’ where someone visits the library bus to read to us. It could be our mom, a grandparent or a friend.

“We have budgies, racing pigeons and chickens at school. Whenever I walk past the animals I say hello to them.”

With playing equipment and an array of animals living on the grounds, I would describe the outdoor setting as a mini farm with character.

Mr Turner said: “The fact the children are walking around at break time, and the chickens are wondering about on the same ground, it is wonderful.

“It is great for the children to be out in the country side and to be with the animals. It emphasises the fact we are a country school. It also gives the children little jobs to do and allows them to monitor the animals. They have to feed them, clean them out, collect the eggs and so on. The children really enjoy getting involved and it encourages them to be outdoors."

Speaking about the objectives at the school, Mr Turner added: “We aim to provide our children with a broad range of experiences during their time at Hawford. This means giving them opportunities to build confidence, take on responsibility and learn to assess risk. It means also showing commitment to their learning activities. Most of all we want our children to enjoy being children, to climb trees and make the most of all that school offers.”

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