WHEN we think of the high-profile casualties to have disappeared from the high street in the past decade, Woolworths is always the shop that people remember most fondly.

In the past 10 years we've also lost Toys R Us, BHS, Maplin, C&A, Comet and many more once big names from the British high street, but it's Woolworths that people seem to really miss.

That's mainly due to the fact that so many people who are now parents would have spent their childhood going to 'Woolies' for a treat.

Sadly, the upcoming reunion of staff who worked at the Worcester Woolworths could be repeated with other big names who are today on the brink of collapse.

Once successful retailers such as House of Fraser and HMV are currently in danger of disappearing forever, and if customers want to save them, they have to take action now.

The reality is that the only way to save physical shops such as HMV is to spend your money there instead of online. If you want Worcester's House of Fraser to remain open, you have to shop there. It really is that simple.