A PLAN to spend £200,000 on improving parks across Wychavon was backed by councillors.

The money means improvements will be made to several parks in Droitwich, Evesham and Pershore after the plans were backed by Wychavon District Council's executive committee at a meeting on Wednesday (January 9).

Around £30,000 would be spent this year on a revitalising the cycle track in Charity Brook Park in Evesham and £40,000 would be used to replace the surface of the popular wet play area in Pershore’s Abbey Park.

The cycle track is currently closed to allow for a public consultation into its future.

The council said early indications show a strong desire for the track to be re-opened and work would be expected to take place in the summer.

Councillor Emma Stokes, executive board member for environment, said: "We have a positive story here that evidences Wychavon's commitment to the health and wellbeing of our residents and our tourists."

Cllr Richard Morris said: "Many of you may have been reading in the national press that many councils are cutting back on parks expenditure.

"I think this is a true sign of 'Team Wychavon' and our goals for the future that we are investing in the parks and trying to put more effort into them."

Around £20,000 would be spent on replacing the Wych Barge in Vines Park in Droitwich as well as a number of other improvements to the park including new paths, lighting and plants.

The district council said the replacement barge would be more substantial to deter vandals and make it easier to repair.

Cllr Martin King welcomed the news but said he was "bemused" that projects costing £30,000 would be taking longer than 18 months to be put in place.

Droitwich's Lido Park would see around £60,000 of investment to improve footpaths and resurface the five-a-side court.

Rotting timber around a slide in nearby St Peter's Fields would either be fixed or replaced with new play equipment.