A RESIDENT on a new Droitwich estate claims rough sleepers and thieves are breaking into unoccupied homes.

The Yew Tree Hill estate in Droitwich, shared between developers Redrow and Persimmon, will include up to 500 homes, but currently has numerous completed but empty properties, due to a court order which says the developer must make alterations to an access road before allowing any more homes to be occupied.

The developers entered into a formal agreement with Wychavon District Council last February, agreeing 90 properties could be occupied – then upped to 188 – before improvement works are completed on an access road.

The council has said nothing is preventing the rest of the homes being built but resident Mark Naylor, who lives on the Persimmon side, said no more have been started for months.

Work to the Pulley Lane and A38 access junction, including widening the former, has also not started, he claimed.

“I believe they’ve sealed off the completed houses and they aren’t building anymore but some are still for sale,” said Mr Naylor.

“I do feel sorry for people who have put down deposits but can’t move in. Some of them, I know, have had to move in with their parents, having already sold their previous home. They have nowhere else to live.

“Persimmon are happy for the residents to just soldier on. They’ve lied to us,” he added.

The resident, who lives on Hare Close, went on to say: “There has been crime on the estate, with people breaking into unoccupied houses.

“Vans have turned up with people trying to break down fencing and get inside, to try and take whatever they can.

“Homeless people are sleeping rough in the houses,” he continued.

Redrow submitted an application to WDC in December asking for permission for 209 homes to be occupied.

A Persimmon Homes South Midlands spokesman said: “We have had no reported issues with regards to security from residents. We remain committed to building a development of 265 new homes, and site staff continue work in readiness for our future customers.”