WITH mental health issues so firmly in the public spotlight at the moment (and that's not a bad thing), people have a tendency to assume that suicide is the cause when a seemingly healthy young person dies suddenly.

That was certainly the case with Worcester tattoo artist Jack Allender, who died in August last year aged 29.

Posting on the Worcester News website and Facebook, there were suggestions that Jack took his own life, prompting his friends to come out and deny the rumours.

When someone who has died is falsely accused of suicide, it's incredibly upsetting for their family and friends. So you can understand why Jack's grandmother, Linda Burrows, has contacted the Worcester News to say that the post mortem results have shown that Jack died of natural causes.

She naturally wants people to know that Jack did not commit suicide because, of course, someone who takes their own life feels they have nothing left to live for, and that most definitely was not the case with Jack, who had a daughter, his own business and many loving friends and family members.