A WIFE has praised hospital staff for the way they cared for her husband, despite him spending 12 hours on a trolley.

Gwendolyn Hughes, 65, said workers at Worcestershire Royal Hospital were "brilliant" with Martin, 69, who was there due to suffering from kidney stones.

“They are really good staff, they take you to the support area as soon as you come in," she told the Worcester News.

“The ambulance people are brilliant,” she added.

Mrs Hughes said that despite Martin being on a trolley, the staff looked after her husband.

“When you are on the trolleys you are there to find out what is best for you.” she said. “They found him a ward at the end.”

Mrs Hughes, from Worcester, said: “He was on a trolley from the early hours of Saturday for about 10 hours, because he had to go for X-rays all over the place. Then he came home.”

“I stuck by him,” she added: “I went a night without sleep.”

Mr Hughes was back in hospital on Monday and spent another four hours on a trolley, and Mrs Hughes told the Worcester News: “Early on Monday they found him a ward, the staff were brilliant.

“They check you when you go in – how they treated my husband is really good, and it was very busy when we were in there.”

“How they do it, I do not know” Mrs Hughes said.

“Some people probably think, 'on a trolley for 12 hours' is awful, but there are a lot of people coming in ”she added.

Concerns were raised this week about ambulances queuing at the hospital.

MP Rachel McLean wrote a letter to Minister for Health and Social Care Stephen Hammond about the “unacceptable” conditions at Worcestershire’s hospitals.

In her letter Mrs Maclean pointed out that 28 per cent of the 4,339 ambulances which arrived at hospitals in Worcester, Redditch and Kidderminster in December were stuck outside for over 30 minutes.

Mrs Hughes, from Worcester, said she has regularly seen ambulances waiting outside the royal hospital as her granddaughter works in the nursery there. However, she said she appreciates that the ambulance crew are “very busy” and said the way they dealt with her husband was “brilliant”.

“I feel sorry for the staff who have to deal with all these issues.”