THE swimming pool at Malvern Splash was forced to close after the water reportedly 'turned green'.

The Malvern Splash Facebook page announced the closure on Monday - and later said the pool was due to reopen yesterday afternoon.

The message blamed the closure on 'technical issues in the plant room.'

Freedom Leisure, the company which runs the pool on behalf of Malvern Hills District Council, did not respond to our request for information.

However, pool visitors said on social media that the water was 'green'.

A message from the pool management sent out yesterday afternoon read: “The pool will be open from 3pm today.

“However, due to a large influx of fresh water into the pool the temperature is lower than usual and so we have a revised timetable for today.

“Due to the temperature of the pool, unfortunately swimming lessons will not run today.

“Normal operation will resume tomorrow morning from 6.30am.

“Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

On the Worcester News website, Edd Hogan said: "Technical issues’ is rather vague.

"There are reports on social media of the water being ‘green’.

“In turn this has led many to question the cleanliness of the facility and the overall quality and effectiveness demonstrated by Freedom Leisure in running this facility.

"There is, I believe, a lot more to this story.”

Cath Davies, writing on the Worcester News Facebook page, said: “Again? Daughter used to have lessons there and it was often closing.

"It needs a good sort out and some modernising.”

Amy Perks said: “The water was green, that’s most probably why.”

Malvern Hills District Council was also contacted for a comment.