LAST week there was a large social media campaign for Good Morning Britain to win a National Television Award.

The ITV morning show didn't win and Piers Morgan predictably threw his toys out of the pram. Columnist, Ally Ross, later wrote in his column that the show had been "absolutely robbed". But while GMB remains Pier's personal vehicle to humiliate guests and rant, it rightly can never become award winner.

I have written in the past about my clashes with Piers on Twitter and my thoughts on him - that he is the ultimate self publicist who regularly, I suspect, pretends to be offended to get even more publicity.

Piers was forced to delete a tweet aimed at me and after that saga I quit watching GMB. But having caught some of it in recent weeks - including Piers bizarrely getting mad about a sausage roll - it is clear not much has changed since he became permanent co-host in 2015.

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As far as I can see Piers' biggest argument now spouted daily is that the 'world has gone mad', and we live in an offence culture. What makes no sense of course is that freedom of speech allows a wide range of views and debate, but Piers is the first to be offended, using his platform to ridicule and shout down anyone with a different opinion. Piers also seems to miss the point that in any sensible society, freedom of speech carries responsibilities.

On yesterday's show a segment featuring a debate on Churchill ended with Piers unprofessionally saying to an MSP: "Do you know who I find revolting? You."

In the next segment Piers had ally Toby Young on, defending him by saying: "What happened to you over some old tweets was disgusting" adding the tweets were a "bit on the racy side".

A reminder Mr Young resigned from public office over his constant misogyny and homophobic tweeting and when the row blew up, the journalist deleted 40,000 of them.

Piers attitude can be summed up with his recent tweet: "My New Year’s Resolution is to be annoying, argumentative and insufferably right - zero apologies in advance to all whiny PC-crazed snowflake imbeciles who will be horrifically offended by everything I say."

That is simply pathetic, showing he is obviously deliberately confrontational and publicity hungry.