THE leader of the city council confronted Britain First activists in the High Street, telling them: “We don't need people coming here spreading hatred.”

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, Councillor Marc Bayliss approached BF leader Paul Golding and other far-right campaigners to enquire whether they had permission to hang their banner outside the Guildhall.

Mr Golding denied they needed permission and informed the Tory councillor they were there to protest against the new mosque on Stanley Road.

“I am very proud of a mosque in Worcester, which is a peaceful, loving community where people get on,” he told the former National Front and BNP activist.

“We do not need racists here in Worcester,” he said.

Mr Golding denied they were racist because Islam is a religion not a race, adding that “one of our activists down there is black – is he a racist?”

He told Cllr Bayliss to “stop living in your blinkered middle-class bubble in Worcester and join us in the real world”.

To which the council leader said: “I suggest you go and look at multi-cultural Worcester – people get on very well here.”

Mr Golding argued Worcester wasn’t “very multicultural” and instead is largely populated by “middle class, white liberals”.

Cllr Bayliss asked why a mosque in “Worcester or anywhere else” is such a “bad thing” to which Mr Golding said: “Most of the mosques in this country are funded by the gold states. The proliferation of Islam, all over Europe, is causing problems.

“We're opposing it.”

He went on to say: “There is too many [mosques] in this country, the people of this country are fed up with the proliferation and spread of Islam across Europe."

Mr Golding argued there was “too much extremism coming out of mosques” and claimed: “they discriminate against women, they discriminate against non-Muslims.”

Another activist argued that he was against mosques because there are no governing bodies to regulate them.

Cllr Bayliss said: “So, you're saying one sort of religious venue is okay, but another sort is not?”

Referring to governing bodies, he said: “Why would we not need that for any other religions? On this High Street there are at least four churches, what are you opposing?”

Mr Golding dodged the question to ask the councillor to “list to me how many times” other religious groups have “attacked this country is terror attacks?”

“It's a Christian country,” he continued. “There is no mosque in Saudi Arabia. Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries all around the world.”

Cllr Bayliss said: “We have people of all faiths in this country. This is not a one religion country.”

But Mr Golding said: “All the flags of the nations of the British Isles are made up of Christian crosses. This is historically a Christian country. When you [were] in school, did you have Christian assemblies and say the Lord's prayer?”

He then went on to call the councillor a “self-serving career politician with your snout in the trough”.

“I suggest you do one because we are bored of your non-stop interminable bloody dross coming out of your mouth.”

The video then flashes up a screenshot of a tweeted photo showing Cllr Bayliss and deputy mayor Allah Ditta on their way to visit Pakistan.

Cllr Bayliss reiterated that the group should remove their banners from the Guildhall railings and told them: “I suggest you move on from Worcester.”

Text in the video claims the councillor then called the police before footage of Mr Golding talking to officers was shown.

Speaking to the camera, the BF leader then said: “The head of the Conservative council threatened us with the police, the police came to see us, they asked us a few questions, and they've gone on their way.”