WHATEVER your political persuasion, I think most people in Worcester would support the way Councillor Marc Bayliss described the city when standing up to Britain First campaigners.

The Conservative leader of the city council approached Britain First leader Paul Golding and another member of the far-right group when he saw them hanging a banner outside the Guildhall.

This quickly escalated into a frank exchange on Islam and the religion's place in Worcester and the wider UK, and Cllr Bayliss spoke in an eloquent and measured way to accurately describe how the majority of the city's residents feel.

"I am very proud of a mosque in Worcester, which is a peaceful, loving community where people get on,” Cllr Bayliss said.

Mr Golding claimed that "the proliferation of Islam, all over Europe, is causing problems. We’re opposing it.”

However, many people would argue that it is the far-right protesters who aggressively object to Islam that are 'causing problems' – as seen at the two EDL marches in Worcester last year.