DRIVERS who are ignoring warning lights outside a fire station are creating potential road hazards as well as slowing down response times to emergency call-outs.

The wig-wag light system at Droitwich Fire Station is designed to bring vehicles outside on Friar Street to a halt to allow fire engines to make a safe exit.

These are similar lights to those seen at every level crossing – an amber light warns of impending activity and two flashing red lights mean that all vehicles should stop.

But some drivers are ignoring the stop lights with a number of near-misses reported and potentially disastrous consequences for themselves, other drivers, and the people waiting for the fire engine to arrive.

Although a road sign warns that there is a fire station ahead, the problem is particularly acute with traffic approaching from the Waitrose side which may not be able to see the station, which is on a bend.

Over the last five years, there have been an average of more than 900 call-outs each year from Droitwich Fire Station and, if the lights are ignored, each one could be a potential hazard.

Gareth Clarke, station commander, said: “People are putting themselves and us at risk when they go through the lights on red, and also slowing down the fire engine.“We are concerned that one of our pumps will be driven into as it’s leaving the station and that could have serious consequences – and also that it could put the pump off the road which is en route to an emergency.

“No-one would want to drive into a 12.5-tonne fire engine.

“Our fire appliances have cameras on board so can capture footage of cars which are coming through against the lights and that could be passed to the police.”

Motorists who are caught failing to heed the signal face a fine and points on their licence, a court appearance, or being required to attend a red-light training course.