THE city’s MP claims that the Labour leader's 'model of socialism' would lead to an increase in unemployment in Worcester, following his visit to the city.

Robin Walker, MP for the city, said Jeremy Corbyn's policies would not solve the issues that he raised when he was in Worcester.

During Mr Corbyn's visit on Thursday, he met staff and volunteers at Worcester Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) & WHABAC, in the Hopmarket, and discussed a number of issues, including rough sleeping, Universal Credit, rural poverty, immigration and the city's new mosque.

Mr Walker said: "The issues he spoke about are ones we are addressing.

"I don't think he has the answers to them. The model he proposes has been proven many times not to work. The model of socialism, state control and spending.

"We saw unemployment at double the rate in Worcester under the last Labour government. I think his policies would risk creating that high unemployment all over again."

He added that the Government has a proven track record for building homes and had new legislation targeting those at risk of homelessness.

Mr Corbyn told volunteers and staff at the CAB that rural poverty was 'the really big hidden scandal' of this country, on Thursday.

The Labour leader, who grew up in Shropshire, told the Worcester News that he was concerned about the current 'cycle of deprivation' in rural areas.

He said some elderly people were living in poverty in certain areas, with others people cannot not afford to travel to work.

Mr Corbyn said the solutions were more housing, restoring bus services and developing businesses that partly rely on agricultural products.

The Labour leader also discussed Universal Credit, zero-hour contracts and foodbanks with members of the CAB.

He told the Worcester News: "People go on to Universal Credit with no choice, they are put on it, they have to wait five weeks to receive a benefit and go into debt while waiting for it."