THIRTY members of the 3rd Worcester Scout Group had a special surprise awaiting them at Shrub Hill station as they prepared to set off for a three-day weekend Harry Potter camp.

In recognition of the boy wizard, station staff changed the platform information for the train bound for Malvern Link to Hogwarts Express and even put out announcements over the PA system asking the youngsters to board at platform 9 3/4.

Worcester Parkway should be the start of rational local rail policy

Scout leader Anna Humphries said: "The kids were over the moon with how magical the station was and even the adults found it amazing.

 "It was lovely to know that our local community joined in with the magic of this camp and made it so much more exciting for us.

"The staff even checked we had everyone on board and gave us time on the platform to ensure everyone and everything was off the train.

 "They certainly worked above and beyond the call of their duties!

 "We'd like to thank them all for the train service that we had."