A TAKEAWAY owner trying to get a late-night licence told police they did not have to worry about his shambolic application because he was “just interested in selling chicken.”

West Mercia Police said it had “serious concerns” over an application by city centre chicken shop Kay’s Chicken to stay open until 5am on Friday and Saturday night and recommended to councillors that it should be refused.

The applicant Khalid Mahmood was invited by West Mercia Police to Worcester police station to discuss his application and the licensing objectives but he declined.

In a report, to be discussed by the city council’s licensing committee on Monday (February 11), the police said Mr Mahmood had “no knowledge” of what the licensing objectives were and the application made “absolutely no considerations of positive safeguards” for any of the licensing objectives.

If the application was granted, Kay’s Chicken would be forced to have a bouncer on Friday and Saturday from 11pm until the takeaway closed and would have to adhere to strict CCTV requirements.

Before gaining a license, an applicant must demonstrate how it would promote the four main licensing objectives: the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and how it would protect children from harm.

Police said granting the takeaway an extended licence would contribute to existing crime and disorder in the city centre - particularly violence and alcohol-related disorder.

The report also said extending the opening hours would be a nuisance to neighbouring residents and would increase the amount of litter left around The Cross.

Street pastors have commented that it is one of the worst streets in the city centre for littered food cartons, bottles and cans.

Public Health bosses at Worcestershire County Council and Worcester Municipal Charities also objected to the application.