SIR – Our clueless MPs have done it again.

The EU negotiator Barnier and his EU bosses must be rubbing their hands in glee every time British elected representatives weaken our bargaining position in trying to persuade the EU to sign a mutually beneficial trade deal-which it refuses to do.

For the EU the defeatism many MPs show is the gift that keeps on giving.

The people’s vote ordered our MPs to ensure that we leave the EU. The EU is making that as difficult as possible.

The Remainer MPs say we should not leave the EU without a deal.

Since it is the EU which refuses to negotiate a trade deal, why are they blaming their own country and taking sides with the EU against Britain?

A total of 498 MPs, including ours in Worcester; overwhelming numbers of Conservatives and a large majority of Labour membersvoted to activate Article 50. This has a two-year time limit.

If an agreement has not been negotiated by the end of March then this country leaves the EU without one.

Did these MPs not realise what they were voting for?

Moreover, all Labour and Conservative MPs stood in the 2017 general election on a manifesto pledging to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. Did they not realise what was in their own parties’ manifestos?

Or were they deliberately pretending that they supported leaving the EU when actually they intend to prevent it?

Do they take us, the voters, for fools? Unfortunately it looks like the answer is yes.