THIS week, our youth sport feature brings some under 13s girls action shots by John Anyon between Evesham United (red and white) against Warndon Wild Kittens.

Our photographers will be out and about regularly, but we’re also very keen to receive pictures from parents, coaches, spectators and amateur photographers who want to see their images in the newspaper and online – and seen by tens of thousands of people – with their name published to credit them.

We’re looking for team photos before the match as well as action shots, and just the name of the club or clubs involved. There’s no need to send us the names of the children taking part.

But, whether it’s basketball, football or rugby, hockey or athletics, gymnastics or martial arts, swimming or any of the other sports that our young people are involved with, and you want us to cover your team or can send us pictures of your matches, please email editor Michael Purton at