IT'S that time of the year again, when the award season is in full swing and we are all supposed to be getting really exciting about it.

Not only am I not excited, I find award shows mind numbingly dull.

I should stress here I'm not actually against awards being handed out to those talented enough to deserve one and I'm always interested to know who has won a Grammy, a Bafta or a Brit.

But sitting through the self-indulgent, pat-on-the-back, often four hour spectacular award ceremonies, count me out. They are just the worst.

Firstly, you have who is wearing what on the red carpet, with tabloids trying to create drama and competition between celebrities that often doesn't exist.

Next, you have the talk about who is the host, and how edgy they can be getting clever digs in to embarrass some star sitting in the audience. This reached peak period with Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes, and now we just see hosts doing poor imitations.

And then there is the main event, the handing out of the awards, and that sadly usually is the really boring bit.

Yes you get to find out who has won, and there can be some comedy to be found in the losers pretending to be happy for their rivals, but what happens next? The snoozefest of a usually dull acceptance speech from the winner, thanking everyone from their first teacher to their Uber driver, those important sponsors, and listing all the people behind the scenes, who are probably more talented.

And do they remember to thank the main people who got them to stardom, the audience who bought the record or watched the film? They often forget that bit.

Ceremonies have become too samey and are a big yawn, only livened up when things go wrong like when someone gets drunk and invades the stage. Whether its Jarvis Cocker invading a Michael Jackson performance at The Brits, Kanye West going on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift's MTV VMA acceptance speech to say Beyonce should have won, or the classic of recent years, naming La La Land the Best Picture winner at the Oscars when it was in fact Moonlight - those are the memorable moments.

Although I used to watch these shows, I've realised you really can save yourself hours just reading the list of award winners the day after.

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