A UNIQUE partnership between the County Air Ambulance Trust and a Worcestershire paralegal law firm has been hailed a huge success.

Malvern-based Wills & Legal Services has raised more than £700,000 through its national charity wills campaign, which raises money for the Trust's HELP Appeal by writing wills in exchange for a donation to the charity.

The benefits to the charity are huge, helping them to continue their much-needed work, while Wills & Legal Services’ clients also benefit, receiving the same expert estate planning advice from the firm's paralegals, but for a much reduced cost.

Robert Bertram, chief executive of the HELP Appeal, said: "We are very grateful to Wills & Legal Services, which has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds through its national charity wills campaign.

"But we still have so much work to do with more than 30 hospitals that still need a helipad beside their emergency department.

"Everyone is aware of the 'golden hour' and the vital role that air ambulances play in getting a critically ill patient to emergency care as quickly as possible. But what if they have nowhere to land at hospital?

"Not having a hospital helipad provides a greater risk to patients when, after landing in an air ambulance, they must finish their journey to hospital by road ambulance. The delay in treatment and movement of the patient can be life threatening and jeopardise their chances of making a full recovery."

The HELP Appeal, the only hospital helipad charity in the country, has funded 30 helipads - including one at Strensham Airbase, near Worcester - which have received over 10,000 possibly life-saving landings.

"If the helipad had been anywhere other than just a short trolley dash to the emergency department, my daughter would not be here today. Saving time saved her life,” said Jemma Pile, mother to three-year-old Amelia, who was treated at Bristol Children's Hospital.

Bill, a cardiac arrest patient, agreed. He said: "I tried quite hard to die a couple of times that day. It was certainly a great benefit and saved precious time to have a hospital helipad that close to the emergency department.”

Sarah Watson, director of Wills & Legal Services, in Worcester Road, Malvern Link, said: "We are proud to offer the national charity wills campaign which raises vital funds for the HELP Appeal."

If you like to take up this charity will offer, call 01684 574252 to book an appointment.