A MUSLIM charity has failed to respond to the city council’s enquiries over how it used taxpayers’ cash.

Worcestershire County Council has written three letters to the Jalalabad Association this month, over grant payments it received from the council.

Former county councillor Allah Ditta gave the charity, which runs the mosque in Vincent Road, over £2,000 from his divisional fund in 2012.

This fund is essentially a pot of cash that can be spent on local causes and in this case it was supposed to pay for a day trip and computer equipment.

However worshippers at the mosque do not believe the money was spent as intended.

They told the Worcester News they had not heard of a day trip taking place, nor seen any computers inside the mosque.

Worcestershire County Council wrote three letters to the Jalalabad Association, on February 1, 8 and 15, questioning how the two payments from Cllr Ditta’s divisional fund had been accounted for.

A company working on behalf of the council hand-delivered the last of these letters on February 16.

Council bosses have provided the Charity Commission with information about the two payments.

The Charity Commission is investigating the Jalalabad Association over potential mismanagement and failure to submit accounts.

Worcestershire County Council previously said its councillors are responsible for ensuring that their divisional funds are used for the intended purpose.

The council - and not councillors - pay allocations from divisional funds directly to the recipient organisations.

Jalalabad Association’s chairman, Muhidur Rahman said he was busy and hung up when the Worcester News asked him to comment.