A FAMILY member has come forward to identify a jogger who died after collapsing in the street, following a police appeal that reached thousands of people.

Emergency services were called to Crookbarrow Way in Worcester at 5.55pm on Saturday (February 16) following reports that a man who was out jogging had collapsed.

The man, now known to be a 56-year-old from Worcester, was taken to hospital but died later that evening.

On Sunday, police appealed to the public to help identify the man and thousands of people saw the Worcester News article on that plea.

Speaking on Sunday, Detective Sergeant David Hall of West Mercia Police said: “It is unusual for us to have been unable to identify someone but despite numerous enquiries, we haven’t been able to identify this man.

“While we are not treating his death as suspicious, we desperately want to get in touch with this man’s family and friends so that he can be put to rest.

“Unfortunately he did not have any distinguishing marks such as scars or tattoos and the only possessions he had on him were a key and a silver Seiko watch.

“We are hoping that by releasing his description to the public it will encourage people to take the time to think about family, friends or neighbours who may fit the description and who have not been seen since yesterday.”

Yesterday, West Mercia Police said a file has been prepared for the coroner, and officers thanked the public for sharing the appeal.