A WORCESTER based media and communications company has completed an overhaul of its brand and after confusion surrounding its name.

Conteur, based in St Johns, was known as GD PR & Media before making the decision to change its name due to brand confusion following the roll out of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The company, which was established in 2011 and provides a public relations, video production, digital marketing, graphic design and photography for businesses across the country, found that people were getting confused about the services they offered and assumed they were specialists in GDPR.

One of the company’s founders, Gillian Davies, said: "While it hadn’t had a massive impact on business so far, we could see that the fact we were called GD PR was causing quite a lot of confusion due to people assuming that’s what we specialised in.

"We had been thinking about rebranding for some time due to the evolution of the company in recent years and with the rollout of GDPR, this felt like the perfect time to make the change."

The decision came after the General Data Protection Regulation came into force in May last year when the firm increasingly found that they were getting phone calls asking for advice.

Director David Huckerby said: "It got to a point where we were making jokes about hiring a GDPR expert to handle the enquiries and it was then that we realised we needed to rebrand sooner rather than later.

"After a comprehensive process, we settled on the name Conteur which means ‘storyteller’ in French. We have a number of personal links to France and our job is all about making people’s stories come to life, be it through PR, video, graphic design or digital marketing, so it suited us perfectly."

The re-brand also co-incided with a partnership between Conteur and David Lloyd Worcester which will see the firm promoting the leisure brand across the city.