A WOMAN believes she was the victim of an “unprovoked attack” at a city nightclub which left her bleeding heavily and needing her scalp gluing back together.

Elise Dodd was on a night out at Velvet on Saturday when she was struck on the back of the head, leaving her with concussion and unable to work for a week.

The 26-year-old, who co-owns fitness studio The Movement Malvern, said “blood was pouring down my face” after the alleged attack.

Miss Dodd, from Worcester, was on a night out with friends and partner Dave Reynolds, 30, who co-owns the studio, when the incident took place at around 2.30am on Sunday (February 17).

“I’m baffled that we have such evil people in our world and I really hope with the help of the police we will find the person responsible,” she wrote on Facebook.

Miss Dodd told the Worcester News how she was struck while on her own for “three seconds” on the lower floor of the club, while Mr Reynolds went to the toilet.

She said she had not had any kind of altercation earlier in the night which could have led to an attack.

“I put my hand up to the back of my head and when I moved it away there was a pool of blood in the palm of my hand,” she explained.

“I put pressure on it and the blood was running down the back of my neck and down my back.

“I felt really sick and my head was throbbing. I was just really confused as to who had done it. When I moved around there were girls behind me, but they weren’t looking at me. There was nothing obvious on the floor. If it was a glass it would have smashed. I thought it could have been a light fitting had fallen from the ceiling. Whatever it was, someone kept hold of it.”

Miss Dodd, who studied at Hartpury College and Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, said she informed club staff who called for police and an ambulance.

“The police car took me to A&E because the ambulance service is so stretched,” she said.

Once at Worcestershire Royal Hospital with her partner, she was x-rayed, and her head was glued together.

As she had not fallen unconscious at any point, doctors agreed to allow her to go home the same day.

Referring to the incident, Miss Dodd said: “We won’t know what happened until the police watch the CCTV.

“This has happened before [in Velvet] when someone got smacked round the back of the head,” she added.

During a Halloween night out last year, Adam Newman required stitches after also being struck on the back of the head at the club, he claims.

Miss Dodd gave her name and number to the club, who she said assured her they would investigate the incident.

She is upset that no-one from the club contacted her the next day, as promised.

A West Mercia Police spokeswoman said: “We were called to reports of an assault at around 2.30am on February 17 in Angel Place, Worcester.

“A female was conveyed to hospital and discharged later the same day.

“The investigation is ongoing, and we will be reviewing the CCTV footage.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We were called just after 2am but we were cancelled by the police. We didn’t attend. A patient had fallen.”

Velvet did not respond before we went to print.

If anyone witnessed the disorder, call police on 101 and quote reference 60s 170219.