THE city council will consider taking enforcement action regarding a fly-tipping issue – including drug paraphernalia – on private land near family homes, if an official complaint is received.

Christine Thompson has been campaigning for years to have the ever-growing piles of rubbish removed from land near her home on Keble Close, Worcester.

The 67-year-old featured in the Worcester News in January, claiming four neighbours had moved away due to the rubbish “eye sore” – with one mum scared of drug users hanging around.

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“It’s getting worse and, of course, the grass is growing so you won’t be able to see the cans soon,” Mrs Thompson told us this week.

“It’s disgraceful. One of my neighbours said there were drug users and needles – that’s why she left.

“She got scared and in the end she moved. She felt really vulnerable.”

Writing on our Facebook page, Melanie Freeman, who previously lived in Keble Close, said the littering spread to right behind her garden gate, and included “needles, human waste and broken glass”.

“People drinking, taking drugs behind my garden gate. The amount of people doing all kinds of stuff where you live is so scary,” she wrote.

“I had so many arguments with people for being a nuisance when my children were playing in the garden.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. I could not bring my children up there any longer.”

Mrs Freeman went on to say that she had grown up on the same road, and “it was a great place to live” back then.

“I hope this is the clean-up that’s needed to get the area back to how it used to be,” she added.

Worcester City Council said the land, which is fenced off alongside an alleyway leading to Lidl on Newtown Road, is owned by St Martin’s Gate doctors surgery.

A spokesman said adjacent land is council-owned and any fly-tipping is subject to regular clearances.

However, Mrs Thompson claimed she called South Worcestershire CCG and was told the surgery does not own it.

A council spokesman said: “With regard to taking action, if we receive a complaint it will be passed to our enforcement officer, who will consider whether an enforcement notice can be issued under the Town and Country Planning Act.”

We contacted the CCG and the surgery, and the ownership issue is currently being determined.